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FREE electronic prescribing…
for every physician in America.

The National ePrescribing Patient Safety Initiative (NEPSI) is a joint project of dedicated organizations that each play a unique role in resolving the current crisis in preventable medication errors.

Electronic prescribing (ePrescribing) is a viable solution to counter shortcomings of the current paper-based prescribing processes that are in large part responsible for these errors. However, accessibility and cost barriers have slowed adoption of ePrescribing by providers.

Until now.

The goal of NEPSI is to increase patient safety by making ePrescribing accessible—and desirable—to all physicians and medication prescribers by providing it free of charge.

The ePrescribing software provided by NEPSI is

Simple – Online prescribing is easier than a script pad

Safe – Instant checks on drug interactions, dosage levels and patient-specific factors including prior adverse reactions

Secure – Patient information protected by privacy and security measures including prescriber authentication

Free – Provided without cost by Allscripts and the members of NEPSI

"NEPSI is the kind of collaboration led by innovators in the private sector that can make such a difference in our healthcare system. We all know where we need to go. We know we're going to get to a healthcare system that relies on electronic information and that is much more effective in providing timely and appropriate care. But getting from here to there, getting over that hump is a big challenge. So initiatives like NEPSI ... are an important step in getting us over the hump."

- Mark McClellan, MD, former Administrator of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), and Senior Director for Health Care Policy, the White House.

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Medicare Improvements for Patients and Providers Act of 2008:

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